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Comparing Your Work to Other’s

Why is it that people do things to themselves that tear them down instead of building them up?  My big confession is that I do this to MYSELF.  How irritating is it that I do something to myself that is detrimental to my overall happiness?!
Hi. I am Angela and I like to  compare my photography to other photographers. Yep. I do. Then I stew on how much better they are than me, or ask myself, “How did they get that job?” or “Why don’t I have that many likes on facebook?” You get the point? We all do it!
So, I have decided to take my own steps to stop myself from this horrible cycle. Here they are:
1. “Unlike” or “Hide” any photographer in my Facebook feed (put your facebook link here) that I constantly compare myself to. Out of sight out of mind right?
2. Repeat the following statement to myself daily-“I am on my own path”.  Remember how far I have come from five years ago in my career.
3. Facebook is not my friend right now-stop surfing!
There you have it. When I started practicing my steps I immediately felt better. It made me focus on me and my artist path instead of everyone elses. I am happy for other people and where they are going, but I am more happy for me and being proud of where I am right now enjoying the journey.
Here are some images from when I first started working towards becoming a portrait photographer and some of my most recent work.
Do you compare yourself to others? Is there something specific that you find yourself always comparing yourself too?


  • Sandra - Yes to the comparison game. Writing, photography, blogging. Number of followers. Why THEIR post on the same topic got more comments than mine did.

    And of course we NEVER compare ourselves to those who are newer at it than we are – what would be the “fun” in that, eh?

    I too have taken a reading hiatus from bloggers whom I envy. And it DOES help lesson the sting. It sounds soooo silly to even admit to being jealous. Jealous of someone else’s abilities or success.

    Have you read the Artist’s Way? Julia Cameron has an exercise called the Jealousy Map. You are meant to list who you are jealous of, what specifically it is that makes you jealous and here’s the kicker – what steps you can take to get to where they are. It works. At least for me. When I am taking actual steps to better my skills, whether it be a class or just analysing why “their” photo or writing works well, then I feel MUCH better about things.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Sandra, Thank you so much for this information. I am going to read the Artist’s Way today. It sounds brillant and a little difficult too.ReplyCancel

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